About us

    Skalda sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Sosnowiec was established in order to satisfy the needs of Clients who wish to be provided with services connected with the construction industry and the real estate market.
    Many years’ experience of our qualified engineering staff obtained on the Polish market enables us to tackle issues connected with the market of the industrial construction as well as large-size buildings.
    When coordinating our Clients’ investments we apply the EPCM model (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management), which is a very beneficial solution from the point of view of an Investor, combining the responsibility of a project management company and a General Contractor.
    EPCM translates into measurable savings for an Investor, who – not being burdened with the margin of the General Contractor as it is the case in traditional models – makes some savings on the costs of construction works and fittings of a facility. Thanks to the introduction of the EPCM model we are able to provide you with great flexibility in the construction management process.
    Our Clients, without the mediation of the General Contractor, can decide on  the most minute details pertaining to the technological solutions applied, thus reaching considerable savings when concluding individual contracts. When coordinating our Clients’ investments we divide them into packages and we assist in the process of concluding contracts with individual Contractors of sectoral works. Acting as the Investor’s representative, we are responsible for the selection of Contractors, suppliers of materials, works management, settlement, final acceptance procedures and obtaining the occupancy permit. We satisfy the expectations of the Investor who wishes to economise, to use the funds optimally and to achieve the planned effect.

Sample projects:

Press Glass S.A.

Pomieszczenia socjalne
Budowa pomieszczeń socjalnych
Budowa w technologii tradycyjnej trzech pomieszczeń socjalnych na hali Press Glass SA w Radomsku wraz z wykończeniem.

Montaż konstrukcji stalowej wraz w obudową kotłowni
Montaż konstrukcji stalowej kotłowni wraz z obudową w Biszczy
Montaż konstrukcji stalowej wraz z obudową dachu i ścian w Biszczy.

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